Pay Attention, Receive, & Give Thanks

tiamtReceptivity is extremely important when it comes to strengthening one’s intuition as well as experiencing abundance in life.  When we are not open to receiving….whatever it may be…..we miss out on opportunities of all kinds.

Thanksgiving is taking place in the US next week….a holiday where people get together to eat and celebrate.  However, the core significance of the holiday has been lost for many and its mostly just about eating and drinking…which often leads to disagreements and arguments.

Its not hard to lose sight of whats most important during the holidays because of the “Hallmark” marketing we see everywhere around us in media and culture.  But when you take a step back from it all and appreciate the blessings you receive everyday….you open yourself up to a vibration of gratitude…..leading to the opening of a channel of grace filled with love and messages that will support you.

Guidance is everywhere around each of us and is always available whenever we need it.  Its up to us to pay attention and to be open to receiving the guidance.  Whether its something someone says that has a deeper message for us, or random street signs, songs, or words in a book we notice in passing…..there are always messages coming to us that will help us along the way.

Often we forget to pay attention to the messages and don’t absorb them….without realizing it we take these messages for granted and close ourselves off from them.  This usually happens because we are so preoccupied with so many things….overstimulated by responsibilities, technologies, stress, and overthinking.

Downshifting the active mind by starting and ending each day by giving thanks for even the littlest things in life puts you in a state of receiving.  Giving thanks is an acknowledging vibration that elevates you to a place where you are more open to receiving more blessings.

In addition to giving thanks each day…..consider being more open to the messages around you….it could be an animal or something in nature that sparks a thought…..or as I mentioned before….signs, words, songs, or even something you hear someone say in passing….pay attention!  Set the intention as you begin your day to be more open to the messages and you will elevate your receptivity to them.

The more you are generally appreciative on a daily basis….the more conscious and aware you are of the messages around you….and in turn….the more connected you are to your intuition and the blessings the universe has to offer you.

Look around you right now…..what’s jumping out at you?  What messages do you see and feel?  The universe is communicating with you….receive and give thanks!  Make an effort to pay attention and give thanks on a regular basis.  Then watch your world begin to fill with blessings and gifts that are beyond your wildest dreams!

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