Monday March 26, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck and the card I picked is the Nine of Cups.   The message for someone reading this is….you are about to reach a level of satisfaction and will be at a point where you will feel proud.  You’ve put a great deal of your creativity to work and your wishes will be fulfilled.  You have climbed a ladder to get to where you hoped to be and you’ve made a great deal of progress…..and its important to now count your blessings.

There is also a level of emotional fulfillment….this could be a new love interest or friendship that is very satisfying….a relationship that will last long-term.

I’m also seeing a a deserving break coming….where you will kick back and reward yourself ….good food….relaxation….romance….maybe buying yourself a few things you’ve wanted.  Your level of fulfillment will be apparent to those around you….like a badge of honor….you will be standing tall with confidence.

Another message where is that even you you’ve achieved a lot and are enjoying it…..don’t spend too much time kicking back….take the time to enjoy yourself and then move forward…..use this strong energy of fulfillment to carry you forward.  Otherwise you may get stuck in a rut and will no longer feel so great.  You are feeling satisfaction because of hard work that got you to this point….don’t forget that….keep it up so you can continue to grow and reach an even higher level of satisfaction and accomplishment.

I will be back tomorrow with another card reading of the day….have a great Monday!!!