Monday June 18, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Thoth Tarot deck and the card I picked is the Knight of Disks.  The message for someone reading this is… have come a long way putting a lot of hard work into getting to this point in your life….specifically in your work.  The best things come to those who wait….and as you continue forward it is important to not rush it….think things through….be thorough… attention to the details.

You are approaching a home stretch to your goals and now is the time to prepare yourself….get a grip on everything you need to do to meet your goals….organize yourself.  You have planted the seeds and they are growing…..the next step is to make a plan on what to do with those seeds once they are fully blooming.

You are firmly grounded and your knowledge, intellect, and confidence will serve you as you approach the conclusion to your story…the story of how you achieved the epic goals in your life you always hoped to achieve.  Your journey is not over yet but you are almost there….and once you are there its a whole new ballgame… as you move forward….prepare yourself and aways be one step ahead.

You will be sending your signal out to the world showcasing you talents, skills, and abilities….and success will result….great fruits of all your hard labor.  The pieces are coming together….and you will be very pleased with the picture those pieces reveal….created by you…the artist of your own life.

I will be back tomorrow with another card of the day….enjoy your Monday!!!