Monday Jan. 30, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Mermaids & Dolphins deck, and the card I picked is Pay Attention.  As I tune into this card I am seeing someone who is putting his or herself out there in their work….it almost feels like they are performing but any job requires a performance….and in this situation the spotlight is on you.  Its important to pay attention to every detail because people are watching….you have the eyes on you that you are hoping for….now just make sure all details are in order.


If you are working with people or people are working under you….stay on top of what they are doing because their efforts reflect upon you.  Be involved in all of the details….if you’ve been hands-off in a few areas of your work or even your life….its time to get hands-on.

I am also getting a message to pay attention to your thoughts and the ideas that come to you while in the shower or bathtub today.  The flow of water is very healing and moves energy….and today is a great day to be present while bathing or showering.  As the card says, its it also important to pay attention to repetitive thoughts or images you keep seeing….songs you keep hearing….messages on signs or the television or radio that keep jumping out at you.  Your guidance communicates with you this way….and there may be a message right in front you you.

Another message I am getting is that for someone reading this…..someone has their eye on you and you may not be noticing it.  I am seeing a blond or reddish blond hair….very sunny personality.  This person is around you and you have not been paying attention to their interest in you….but pay attention…..they have something to offer and you may be very interested in what they have…’ve just been preoccupied…..but take a second look… may like what you see….because they are liking you!

I will be back tomorrow with another card reading of the day…..have a great Monday!