Monday February 9, 2015

MonFeb9CardToday I decided to pick a card from the Psychic Tarot for the Heart deck and the card I picked is Seek.  The message for today is if you are feeling frustrated in a relationship or any other situation… would be wise to take a step back so you can gain better clarity.

Often we get so caught up in something or someone we lose sight of ourselves….what is best for us and how we feel.  When a person is so intertwined and tension starts to constrict….untangling oneself for a breather and a different perspective will ease the friction and clear the knots.

You don’t have to run for the hills or take off for a long period of time.  20 minutes will do…..or a day off….maybe a weekend away….whatever feels right so you can center yourself and reconnect with how you feel rather than how others feel.

A day at the spa works well…..or a hike in the hills….a walk along the water….a great new workout…..a trip somewhere you’ve always want to go but did not pursue it because others were not into it.

When you have a clear sense of your own feelings you are more fit to contribute to a relationship or partnership.   Self care….mental, physical, spiritual, emotional…..should be the number one priority.

Where can you escape to for some grounding and centering?

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