Monday Feb. 6, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Life Purpose deck and the card I picked is Infinite Abundance.  The message I’m getting for some reading this is… are making changes in your life to share your gifts and talents on a wider scale.  You’ve had ideas about creating something that will benefit others and this idea is coming/will become a reality.  You’ve been divinely guided and you’ve been listening to your guidance…..keep listening…..this guidance will assist you in your transformation into what you’ve always hoped to be.

There is hard work that goes into what you are doing/will be doing….the hard work will pay off and you will really take off to new heights of fulfillment and joy.  Your talent is like your baby that you are introducing to the world….you’ve been very protective of yourself and of sharing your gifts…..its important to nurture your “baby” (so to speak)….but its time to share it with the world so it can grow, be successful, and connect with people.

This is a time of major growth….like a seed being watered in the spring….evolving into a lush forest.   You have been or will be putting your everything into this and the universe will support you because it is your truth.  You are like a pebble dropping into a pond casting a wide ripple effect that will grow larger and larger as it extends beyond your current time and circumstance.  Ride the waves… will bask in the beauty of it all!

I will be back tomorrow with another card reading of the day.  Have a great Monday!