Monday April 2, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Saints & Angels deck and the card I picked is Steady Progress.  The message for someone reading this today is to keep your head up and stay motivated……as vague and unclear as things may seem right now you are radiating a light that will reveal your path.

Things may seem to be moving a little slow but in the grand scheme of things things are moving along at the perfect pace.  If things have slowed for you….use the time for a quick breather to get your barings because things will be picking up again very soon.

Don’t doubt yourself….support yourself.  You have been building and developing within….and any doubt of that will hinder the progress you’ve made.  Its much more beneficial to take inventory on your great progress thus far…your biggest supporter should be yourself….because at the end of the day….this is your path….give everything you’ve got to cultivate your best possibilities.

Realize you may be experiencing tunnel vision right now…..not seeing the big picture because you are in the center of your path and circumstances.  If you were to rise up and look down at the picture of your life….you will see the great map ahead of you.  But part of your life learning experience is to not be able to see the big picture right now.

Understand there is something bigger laid out for you and that you are supported by the universe….you are not alone….your team of angels and guides are there with you whispering in your ear helping you navigate this map of your life.

This is a very positive card for today….feel its comfort and validation that you are moving forward….don’t forget this and you will continue in the right direction.

I will be back tomorrow with another card reading of the day.  Enjoy your Monday!!!