Igniting Passion Quick & Simple

IG2February is the month of St. Valentine’s Day and its also very much a month to celebrate passion.  You may say….passion….bah humbug!

Passion does not necessary have relate to a relationship with another person.  Passion is about the heart genuinely and authentically connecting in full force with just about anything through love.

There can be a a lot of pressure in “finding your passion”….but many people don’t realize they have already found it…or never even lost it in the first place.

All you have to do is think about what you love…..passion is the flow of love.  Maybe your passion is music….maybe its talking with people….maybe its dancing, drawing, animals, or food.

Spending time putting energy toward what you love will feed your soul.  It doesn’t have to be something huge…..maybe you love shopping and that is what really fuels and inspires you.  It really can be anything small or large….but when you allow yourself to honor what ignites your heart….you open yourself up to receive love in other areas of your life and at a whole new level.

There have been periods when I did not make any time for my art and found myself feeling very blocked and actually physically stiff.  I recognized I was not honoring an outlet for this passion of mine so I made an effort one weekend to dedicate time to painting.  It felt so good to paint after a long hiatus….to pay attention and respect my creativity that I have often put aside because other things felt more pressing or important.

Getting back in touch with my passion for my art brought me back to center….I felt more relaxed, optimistic, I slept better, my stiffness loosened, and I was back in the flow.  But what was really amazing was that I suddenly was experiencing so many synchronicities within my life.  I received new ideas and inspirations…..I met new people that I absolutely loved…and even a simple meal or night out with friends was so much for satisfying and fulfilling.

The act of experiencing love in any form raises your vibration.  When your vibration is high you are more open and available to receive joy and goodness in all forms.  Suddenly you will find passions for things you never dreamed or imagined.  If you are single and allowing yourself the time and energy to connect with what you love….you may attract the ideal mate because you are radiating satisfaction and fulfillment and are more open to receive what you desire.

The bottom line is igniting your passions is easy and this is the month to recognize them and honor them.

What do you love love love?  How are you making time to honor those passions?

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