How Sacred is Your Space?

aHaving a special place within the home where you can go and center yourself can really make a huge difference in a person’s life.   Whether it is an entire room or a tiny table top, creating a sacred space will not only help unlock one’s guidance and intuition….but also provide inner and outer peace.

I remember seeing the Tina Turner biopic, What’s Love Got to Do With It?  years ago…..a turning point in Tina’s life was when she created an alter in her home and began chanting.  She discovered inner peace and the strength to turn her life around for the better….boy did her life get better!  I was young when I saw the film and it really made a strong impression on me….I was so inspired and I really appreciated the sacred space she created for herself….as well as everything she accomplished in her life.

I have my own little sacred space that’s almost like a make-shift alter…..a collection of stuff I love….stuff I find powerful.  Actually I have two…one on top of a credenza in my office…and one on top of my dresser in my closet.

Included in my sacred space is a St. Michael statue my sister bought in Italy for me when I was little…. I also have various crystals and a bunch of crystal skulls I collect.  There are some necklaces I never wear but love and feel have great energy….along with some pendulums.    Sometimes I include pictures of heroes….sometimes prayer cards.  I include the collar from my beloved dog that passed away.  Other times have a lemon from my lemon tree as well as a orchid I’ve nurtured into a blooming beauty.  I even have a coffee mug I love….some fantastic candles….and some fragrant incense sticks.

There is no right way to create your scared space….it can be whatever you want it to be. You could even keep it in a box and pull the box out of the back of your closet whenever you want some sacred time.  A window sill would also make a nice alter.  Get creative with it and see what comes together.  Your ability to bring together stuff you love is scared in itself…..that love and creativity is magic that infuses into the items…making the space very powerful.

Once you have your space set up…..visit it whenever you feel inclined….first thing in the morning….just before bed…whenever is best for you.  This can be a place to meditate, to pray, to take deep breaths, to chant, or to just clear your mind and think about nothing.

Create your space….celebrate it…..and use it!  You may find you are happier….less stressed out….more connected to your guides, angels, your intuition…..and your light will shiner brighter than ever!

And always feel free to email me pics of your sacred space….I love to see what people create!

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