Friday June 29, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Messages from the Fairies deck and the card I picked is Patience, Please.  The message for someone reading this is… are experiencing great transformation right now but is may appear transparent… are not actually seeing the transformation occurring because you are in the thick of it.   You must know that things really are changing as you’ve hoped and prayed for….everything is lining up for you….its just not perfectly set up yet.

You are almost ready but not quite……I am getting the image of something baking in the oven but its not done yet…..dinner won’t be served for a little bit….the best things come to those who wait and you must not rush it….otherwise it won’t taste right.

You have added all of the correct ingredients to this recipe that relates to your life right now….give it time to come together….to simmer….your burners are all on and cooking….it will be done when the time is right.

The time is definitely soon when all our dreams will come to fruition…..but for now don’t stress and don’t doubt just because you are not seeing the end result yet.  Have faith that things are coming together….you may feel its blind faith….but remember things do not always appear as they seem.

Try to enjoy the excitement of the unknown….don’t feel you have to always know the outcome of everything.  Release the need to have control over every aspect of your life….and do not worry…..things are unfolding as they should and to benefit your highest good.

Live in the moment today…right now….be grateful for your blessings today and let go of the need to be a step ahead of tomorrow.

I will be back tomorrow with another card of the day….have a great Friday!!!