Friday Jan. 27 2012

Today I decided to pull a card from the Messages from the Fairies deck.  The card I picked is Let Go….there seems to be a theme of releasing and clearing this week in order to bring in new energies that will uplift and take you to new places.

The message I am hearing is that this has been a rather long week with a few ups and downs….and it is soooo time for the weekend!  Now that the weekend is here take the time to disconnect and enjoy yourself in order to regain some balance.  This would be a good weekend to stay at home and chill out….let your mind wander a little….dream a little….and let go of any stress you took on over the past week.  Weekends are a great time to go out and burn a little steam….but the message I am getting is it may be more beneficial to stay home and be cozy…..catch up on some reading….escape into some good movies…..listen to some really great music… is amazingly healing and great for your soul.  Or if its nice out and you really feel you need to get out…..go for a long walk near a body of water or in nature…..nature has the powerful ability to clear out the stress.  For this weekend though…I would only go out on a venture in nature if its not crowded with other people.   Spring will be here before you know it and with it will come lots of budding opportunities, possibilities, and new roads to travel.   Be kind to yourself and relax….the week is over….you got through it and now you deserve some downtime!

One other message I am getting is someone reading this is considering a trip….I am hearing a trip up north…… before May… should do it.  Take the time off….it will be worth it and you will be happy you did it.  Book it!

I will be back tomorrow with another card reading of the day.  Have a great Friday!