Friday April 6, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Fool’s Wisdom oracle card deck and the card I picked is The Duty Fool.  The archetype of the Fool offers an objective unedited view our ourselves…..providing guidance, assistance, and direction.

The card picked today is The Righteous Fool and the message for someone reading this is….you may be feeling very judgmental toward others right now….getting annoyed with someone’s actions….feeling you know better and/or you are way too good for what they are saying or doing.  You may be feeling the urge to tell someone with an air of disapproval or disgust how they need to be doing things.

Instead of pointing out the faults in someone else….keep it to yourself and take a closer look within your own life were you might need improvements.  This may be a pattern for you…..where you always are quick to have all the answers on how others can be doing things better….but the truth is you are projecting your need of improvements within yourself.  They may not be the same things within you needing improving….but there are likely other areas you need to address.  Don’t waste the energy picking apart or blaming others….use that energy to improve yourself…..don’t judge yourself…..rather….face the your own issues that need to be considered.

You may feel you are being helpful but telling people you know better….or not outright telling them but still passive aggressively giving them a vibe you know better….but what would be more helpful is to not give an attitude….be more kind, wise, and supportive.  Don’t worry about them….worry about yourself.

If someone asks your opinion….share your thoughts in a way that’s not condeming and loaded with judgement.  Use your energy to make yourself a better person rather than throwing shade at others….you will be better off and so with the people around you.

I will be back tomorrow with another card reading of the day….have a good Friday!!!