Omega-3: The Wonder Supplement!

Omega-3 is a wonderful supplement to give dogs and cats.  Both dogs and cats (as well as humans) lack fatty acids and need to find them from outside sources… most pet foods are deficient in omega-3 fatty acids.  This supplement is an anti-inflammatory, an antioxidant, it fights off certain types of cancer, its great for the coat and skin, promotes healthy kidneys, liver, and heart, and it boosts the immune system. It really helps older animals suffering from arthritis and hip problems, and its a great preventative for younger animals in fighting off diseases and other ailments as they grow.

Once I started giving Omega-3 to my older dog….I was amazed….I thought she was really slipping downhill due to age….but after just a few days of adding a teaspoon to her food twice a day….she literally started acting like a puppy again!  The brand I use is Ultra EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) from Rx Vitamins for Pets and its available over the counter.  My vet recommended it to me and I suggest checking with your vet whenever giving your pet a supplement…..but research shows Omega-3 is fantastic!