How to prepare for a reading?  It is best to have your questions prepared prior to a consultation.  However, you will receive whatever information you are supposed to receive for your highest good.

How much is a consultation?  Please see Services within the menu at the top of the page.

Can various consultations be combined?  YES!  Contact me for more information.

Does it matter if a consultation is over the phone instead of in person?  No….it makes no difference if the consultation is over the phone.  It is often easier over the phone because there are less distractions….but a reading in person works just as well too.

Can consultations be rescheduled or canceled?  Yes….but you must give 24 hours notice and there are no refunds once the consultation has been completed.  There are also no refunds if a person does not show up for their scheduled appointment.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are a dimension of consciousness and vibrational catalog of every detail of the soul’s journey throughout all lifetimes…past, present, and future.  Accessing the Akashic Records sheds light on issues, circumstances, and challenges at the soul level, creating shifts that realign and enlighten….. providing profound spiritual insight and revealing the gifts each soul is blessed to share with the world.  Learn more about the infinite possibilities available to you through the Akashic Records and develop a more conscious relationship with your inner-most self at the soul level.  Please refer to the Akashic Records Consultation page for more details.

What happens during an Akashic Records session and how does it work?

Have your questions ready to ask prior to the session.  When our session begins, I will ask you for your current legal name.  There is a vibration attached to your legal name and its will provide me access to your Records.  I will recite a sacred opening prayer using your current legal name to open your Records.  Once I announce the Records are open, you can ask your questions.  I am totally conscious, awake, and not in a trance during our session and its very conversational.  Your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones will share their messages with me and their energy is transmitted to you through my spoken words.  They will share whatever information is in the best interest of your highest good at that moment.  You will not be given any information you cannot handle or is not supportive of your highest good….and you will not receive anything that is intimidating or “scary” in any way.

At the end of our session, I will recite a closing prayer to close your Records.

Spending time within your Records creates an energetic shift where energy comes through and provides you with an alignment wherever needed.  Over the days following the session, you may still receive ideas, insights, and epiphanies because your personal light grid has been adjusted….and there will be new room and space to support fresh information coming through to you….clearing your passages so to speak.



* Please note, consultations are not a substitute for medical, psychological, legal, or financial advice.