Energetics of Food: Pumpkin, Creativity, & Clarity

efsomThe energetics of food have a profound effect on how we think, feel, function, and connect with our intuition and spirit.  Of course everybody responds differently to various foods….and it takes a lot of trial and error to figure out what does  and doesn’t make you feel good.

I have a huge sweet tooth and love cookies, cupcakes, brownies, anything chocolate.  But over time I have realized I can only eat so much of these sweets because I am left feeling out of sorts, drained, and cloudy.  There is the trend of watching carbs in order to maintain a good body weight….but my experience in cutting carbs and only eating high protein is that I am super cranky….and I do not think clearly at all….it literally will effect my flow of thoughts and I barely can put together an articulate sentence without stuttering.

For me its everything in moderation…..if I want to eat a cookie I will eat it….but I usually save them as a reward for the weekends and I make sure I am taking my vitamins and eating a lot of greens.   I eat good carbs such as vegetables or even a potato as well as gluten free bread.

I do still have my moments though when I will say….hey…lets just eat this whole box of cookies…..but then I pay for it….again feeling like I’m in a coma….cloudy, my intuition is blocked, and pretty much numb.  With each pig out….I have been reminded of my spirit…..what it requires…..what makes me feel happy and the best….and what is not worth it.  When I eat fruits and vegetables I feel much more energized and in alignment with my spirit…..I am especially much more open to my intuition, connecting with angels and my guides, and aligning with my soul.

Now I am at a point where I am very in tune with my body, mind, and spirit as they relate to food and how each is effected by it.   Fresh greens and colorful fruits and veggies vibrate at a very high frequency.  Think about when you walk through the produce department in a grocery store….the next time you are in there….pay attention to the feelings and vibrations….that whole area vibrates and feels alive!   I absorb that energy when I consume fruits and veggies and it jump starts my intuition and creativity.

MBGJ2Fresh juices really have the kicker….and I’m not talking about cartons of orange juice….I mean green juices made with a juicer.  I go for the green juices with very little fruits….maybe a little apple but mostly ginger, celery, wheatgrass, kale, spinach, and other leafy greens.

Fruits are high in sugars so its best to eat them in moderation.  A lot of grocery stores are now carrying fresh pressed locally made bottled juices….they are a bit more expensive but they are so worth it….. providing more vitamins, nutrients, and energy than a cup of coffee.

What I love about the Fall is the seasonal foods…..specifically pumpkin!  Pumpkin as well as all root vegetables are very grounding for your energy.  If you feel scattered….eating root veggies (including onions, turnips, potatoes, parsnips, yams, squash) will bring you back down to earth and clear your head.   Root veggies are associated with the 1st chakra….strengthening our connection to our tribe or family, finances, and feeling grounded and stable.

sompbPumpkin is also associated with the 2nd chakra….enhancing creativity, abundance, pleasure, and overall well-being.  There’s a reason root veggies come into season when the weather gets cold and when people gather with friend and family…..they provide comfort, stability, clarity, and all the other qualities I mentioned…..which are very necessary this time of year.

Pumpkin is high in fiber so it will quickly help you feel satisfied while also very low in calories.  Its also high in vitamins A, C, B, E, K and antioxidants….. and one cup of pumpkin provides more potassium than a banana!

There are many pumpkin flavored goodies on the market….make sure you read the labels because many of those products are filled with fake processed low vibration ingredients.

Try paying attention to the vibration of everything you eat starting today.  How does one food make you feel compared to another food?  Test out raw veggies as well as cooked veggies and see if you notice the difference in their vibrations.  Take it a step further by keeping a journal of how different foods make you feel and if you feel any more or any less open to your intuition.

The more mindful you are of how your system responds to the energetics of food….the more open and connected you will be to Spirit, intuition, energy, and feeling great!


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