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A Customized Tarot Card Reading Especially or You!

CardsThe Tarot can be very detailed, accurate, and  supportive….offering guidance when facing challenges, obstacles, and decisions.  A Tarot reading will show you the options available to you based on your energy today, however,  you are always in the driver seat and your free will ultimately moves you forward.

The cards shed light on what to be aware of and how to be aware, what to avoid and how to avoid, future possibilities available to you, as well as bumps in the road and guidance on how to navigate them.

A Tarot reading can provide clarity and direction so you can make the most out of your life and feel supported and confident about your path.

Once you send me your question(s),  I will tune into the cards and connect with your energy in the present moment.  I will pull the appropriate amount of cards to best serve you and I will type up the reading and email it to you in a PDF format along with images of the cards.

A benefit of having a written reading is that you will not miss any details, they are all right there for you to refer back to them whenever you wish.  Sometimes something may not click with the first impression, but upon reflection and reading it again, new epiphanies arise.

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Its that easy!  Lets take a look at your Tarot cards together!

Fast & Focused Tarot Reading – $37

  • Choose this reading if you have a specific situation you are facing and need a quick answer to one question.  I will choose 1-3 cards and zero in to provide one concise answer, approximately 300-500 words.  I will send you the reading within 48 hours

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Standard Tarot Reading – $88

  • This reading answers 2 questions with more detail regarding a personal situation.  I will draw between 4 and 8 cards and will examine all of the information that comes through for you, approximately 1500 words.  I will send you the reading within 5 days.

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Deeper Dive Tarot Reading – $139

  • This reading addresses multiple questions and explores various aspects of topics such as relationships, career, home life, etc.  I will draw 10-12 cards, looking at the bigger picture as a whole as well as a closer look at the pieces that make up that picture.  This reading will be approximately 2000 words.  I will send you the reading within 1 week.

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Year On Deck Tarot Reading – $172

  • This reading explores the possibilities within year ahead, what to expect, what to prepare for, and to shed light on any blind spots.  I will create a layout of more than 12 cards and send you report of approximately 2500 words.   I will send you the reading within 1 week.

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