Intuitive Life Coaching


How would you like to experience powerful breakthroughs
and take your life to the next level?


Do you want to manifest your desires and make your dreams a reality?

Are you feeling blocked and are not sure how to get back into the flow?

Do you feel there is more to life than what you are experiencing at this moment?

Are you trying to find your voice and a way of expressing yourself at a deeper level?

Would you like to deliberately create you life rather than passively react to it?

Do you want to make changes but just haven’t taken that leap yet?

Are you being true to yourself?


I’ve Been There….


I understand how it feels to struggle because I have faced my own challenges and obstacles where I did not know where to turn.

I found myself deep in debt not knowing how I would pay my bills and if I would ever get out of debt…..but I succeeded and achieved a six figure income.

I have worked within the “corporate world” and felt unfulfilled….yearning for something more and to find my purpose in life….and I found it.

I have encountered relationship challenges and disappointments that I never thought I would get through….but I got through them all and found happiness.

I have faced creative blocks….lacked inspiration and motivation…and had no clue how to jump-start my engines…..but I discovered a way.

I was at a loss as to how I could feel good, maintain a high level of energy, and not always feel irritable…but I found the keys to my optimum wellness and inner peace.


5a1ead2d-6846-49e8-92ac-803259059194As an intuitive life coach, I facilitate clarity and corresponding transformational action by applying the Universal Laws and the Law of Attraction.

I will help you to really connect with your dreams and desires….and to move from just thinking about them to really feeling them….and…in turn…manifesting them!

It IS possible to experience the best in all aspects of your life…..whether it be within your career, your relationships, pursuing your passions, manifesting money, achieving your ideal body, and attracting your ideal companion.


Here are a few of the many areas where I can help you:


  • Identifying your passions and discovering how to make a life out of them
  • Pursuing a dream and creating a plan of action
  • Taking your career to the next level
  • Breaking through creative blocks
  • Kickstarting a project into gear….through to completion and success
  • Manifesting more money
  • Improving your relationships
  • Attracting your idea partner
  • Deepening your connection with your Higher Self
  • Creating a vision of your ideal life and making it your reality
  • Shifting your thoughts, your attitude, and your energy for the better!


Why Work with Me?


My grounded and practical coaching approaches from all angles – head and heart….intuition and logic…..strategy and insight.

Over the years I have learned many methods and tools and have used them within my own life to make the necessary shifts I needed and to vibrate at my highest level….and I will share my methods with you!


Creating a Vision…Taking Action….Experiencing Results


This is not about predicting the future or telling you what will happen.  This is about you actively showing up and opening up so we can dive deep into your soul and apply appropriate steps and solutions so you can feel all of the riches within that are waiting for your discovery.

You will learn how to move out of feeling stuck and into the freedom of flow by empowering yourself to open up and manifest the best in your life.


What You Will Experience….


Through conversation and simple yet specific processes and meditations customized specifically for you, we embark on a journey to enhance your receptivity to receive all you deserve…..and we will clear the way so that the path to joy is apparent and accessible!

Together we will uncover all the best possibilities within you and everything you have to offer.  You will be provided with a safe and steady space where we explore your interests and potentials without judgement.

I will support you along the way and will mirror back to you everything that is already within you that you may not yet be aware of so you can live your best life and vibrate at your highest level.


What You Can Achieve….


  • Overcome obstacles that have blocked you from fulfillment
  • Release doubts, fears, and old beliefs that have held you back
  • Expand and grow beyond your perceived limitations
  • Shift from where you are to where you want to be
  • Live a life that you have always hoped you could live
  • Improve your attitude, expectations, and perspective
  • Open up to the flow of abundance, creativity, and joy
  • Get into alignment with your best and most authentic Self
  • Achieve what others have told you was not possible
  • Transform your vision into a creation
  • Up your ante and learn how to take your life to the next level!
  • Experience having it it all….finally!


How Does it Work?


Typically I work with people over a series of sessions but there is flexibility in how often we meet….whether it be a single laser focused session….or 2, 3, 6 or more sessions over the phone or Skype.  

You come to each session with a specific intention and we work together to bring you into alignment with you goals and desires.  I will also provide you with tools and processes to use between sessions that will ignite ideas, direction, inspiration, and clarity.


Get Started Now


Free Discovery Session

Schedule a 30 minute session where we discuss your desires and how to achieve them.  You will leave with a clear picture of how we would work together and you will learn some some tips and action steps on how to move from where you are to where you want to be.

schedule appointment


If You Are Ready to Transform…..


 Laser Focused Coaching Session – $150

Schedule a one time 60 minute session where we zero in on whatever you would like to manifest, obstacle you would like to overcome, dreams you would like to achieve.



6 month and year long coaching programs are also available upon request.


Your transformation begins here….I look forward to speaking with you!!!!

Tune Back In By Clearing Out the Clutter

dlrSometimes I will find myself in a funk where I am not thinking clearly….I am easily distracted….I try tapping into my intuition and begin some work or a project….and….nothing.  I will ask….what gives?   Why am I blocked right now and why can’t I focus!?!  Then I take a deep breath…and I consider my surroundings.

This is the time of year when I love to do a purge around the home and in my workspace.  I have learned through trial and error that clutter and excess stuff that has built up in the corners, in my closets, on shelves, tabletops, window sills, you name it… gets in my way, blocking fresh energy from flowing in….and old stale energy from flowing out.

I follow the motto…when in doubt throw it out.  If I need to keep something, I put it in a better place that is not distracting or not contributing to a pile.  I am not a neat freak, nor do I need everything to be perfect.  But I do know from my own experience and from working with people that the clutter does create blocks regarding intuition, thinking clearly, the flow of energy, and just overall feeling good.

KTDSurvey your home, your office, your car….wherever you spend time…..and clean out the clutter!  Look in your cabinets and stuff behind closed doors….in your closets, inside drawers, your glove compartment, trunks, that clutter can energetically seep into your environment and cause blocks.   Stale energy often builds up in corners so pay close attention to them and clear them out.

As I sat in my office the other day, initially stumped as to why I felt so cloudy, uninspired, and out of touch with my intuition……I turned around to my credenza and opened it.  Aha!  A total mess…..books fell out….papers and all sorts of stuff I shoved in there to get it out of the way when someone was coming over.

Immediately I sat on the floor….jumped right in and went through it all….taking the books and placing them nicely on a bookshelf.  I threw out papers not needed and I filed those that are important.  I put those old candles to use and actually burned them rather than letting them sit there collecting dust.  When I finished it was like a huge exhale….I could breath again.

Speaking of candles…..burning candles will really help clear the energy of your space.  White candles especially will summon the sacred….the light and heat of the flame attracts what no longer serves and burns it away….while at the same time radiating new energy and a higher vibration in any room.

Burning incense is another way to clear a space of old stale energy and to call upon good energy.  There is a reason churches are filled with candles and incense… bring forth angels and all the blessings of a higher power….and to clear away all of the lower energies that are not welcome.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEven ringing a bell will freshen up the energy of a room….another trick used in old churches.  The vibration and high tone connects to Spirit and energetically lifts a room.

If you have raw crystals, try not to cluster them too close together in corners.  Each crystal has its own power and unique vibration and they need space for their energy to flow.  Its like piling a lot of people in an elevator and everyone getting claustrophobic…..if the crystals don’t have enough space between them….you will feel the tension emitting from them.  Small raw crystal should be allowed about 12 inches of space around…..larger ones deserve much more space.  If the crystals are polished, the energy is not as intense so you don’t need to worry about giving them as much space.

Also be mindful of any plants that are super spikey……sharp points and edges jutting out.  Those points can puncture the flow of good energy and cause disruptions.  These types of plants need good homes and its okay to have them….but try not to place them close to your bed or where you spend a lot of time…..keep them out of the bedroom and if they are in a living room…..keep them as far from where you sit as possible.

Consider what you can donate to charity…..decluttering will also present the opportunity to give and help others…..this will elevate your spirit….good karma circulating!

Lastly, open your windows and let fresh air to flow through no matter how warm or cold it is outside.   Open the shades and allow sunlight in even if its just for a few minutes.  Your surroundings need to breathe and need that new energy to break through the old!

Have you been trying to figure out why you can’t concentrate or why you are not in your usual flow?  Well then try clearing out the clutter….these steps will reinvigorate the energy of your surroundings and your own energy…..and you will feel tuned in again.

Feel free to keep me posted on your progress in decluttering your life this season!

Wednesday May 29, 2013

WedMay29CardToday I decided to pick a card from the Osho Zen Tarot deck and the card I picked is Ordinariness.  The message for someone reading this is…..magic exists within the simplicity of life.  Today’s culture puts emphasis on striving to have everything… consume….to have a lot going on….to do more more more.  People chase after what they “want” without appreciating what they already have today.

It might be a good time to downshift…..slow things down a bit and soak up everything around you.  You may want to travel across the world to “escape” and experience more…..but you don’t have to go anywhere… can escape and experience more wherever you are right now.  Consider what is around you and allow yourself to really take in everything the area has to offer.

There may be a local town or community to explore…..maybe its a museum you never think of because its always there and you just never think of going.  Or maybe there’s a botanical garden, a labyrinth, a forest preserve, or a creek that you’ve never actually spent much time visiting.

We so often take for granted what’s right in front of us.  This is a reminder to appreciate the little things instead of always expecting gratification from the big things.  Life doesn’t have to be so complex to be fulfilling…..what appears to be plain on the surface is what will provide you with the most happiness.

Once you allow yourself to settle into something simple and really experience how deep the well is there in offering satisfaction and joy…..your requirements for happiness will shift into a gear more pleasurable and easily attainable.

I will be back tomorrow with another card of the day……have a great Wednesday!!!

Sunday December 30, 2012

SunDec30CardToday I decided to pick a card from the Osho Zen Tarot deck and the card I picked is Transformation.  The message for someone reading this is…..a new beginning is upon you…..a new existence is unfolding.

You are closing a long chapter and it may feel uncomfortable….sometimes upset and heartache may rise to the surface. Any unsettling feelings you are experiencing are a part of the process of shedding what no longer serves you.

Difficult times are temporary and will make you stronger…..if you feel like you’ve been at the bottom….know that you are rising….rising from the ashes.  Good times are coming that will balance out the challenging times.

The new you that is evolving will be more 4 dimensional….more abilities….wearing more hats……new talents and skills.  You will able to juggle more simultaneously and effortlessly.  You will be free of the complexities that have gotten in your way and have complicated your life up until now.

Stay centered and be aware of the transformation you are going through…..realize you are in the midst of a process and its an evolution for the better.  Challenges are minor in the grand scheme of things and you must see the big picture…..the effects of everything on you are all a matter of your perspective of you circumstances. Hold steady through the waves of change….the truth is….nothing will derail you……remembering that fact will further ground your strength in each moment.

I will be back tomorrow with another card of the day……have a great Sunday!!!!

Thursday November 22, 2012

Today I decided to pick a card from the Mary Queen of Angels deck and the card I picked is Integrity.  The message for someone reading this is… confident in your decisions…..who you are….what you do….and how you live.  This is your life and no one else’s… proud and stand for what you believe to be true for you.

You will be approached by new people who respect you….who believe in you and what you are doing.  They will turn to you because of your code of ethics….you can be trusted and that will be noticed.  Others may cut corners or not really offer themselves up completely….but you are different…..when you commit to something you are in it full force.  This quality will attract new experiences… opportunities… connections.

I see someone needing someone they can really trust with a sensitive issue or responsibility…..they need help and will turn to you.  Others may handle the situation differently but you know better which is why you are the one to take charge in this matter.  As you handle it it…..follow your own intuition and don’t listen to other people who may share differing opinions.  You know what is right and will proceed gracefully.

This is also a message to stay true to your long-term goals…..see the light at the end of the tunnel and remember that the little distractions along the way will come and go….but you will always be on your path heading in the direction of greatness.  Just continue to see that light down the road and it will guide you through the twists and turns that may seem iffy… will never lose traction on your path because its YOUR path…..your destiny and your truth.

I will be back tomorrow with another card of the day…..have a great Thursday!!!!