Pay Attention, Receive, & Give Thanks

tiamtReceptivity is extremely important when it comes to strengthening one’s intuition as well as experiencing abundance in life.  When we are not open to receiving….whatever it may be…..we miss out on opportunities of all kinds.

Thanksgiving is taking place in the US next week….a holiday where people get together to eat and celebrate.  However, the core significance of the holiday has been lost for many and its mostly just about eating and drinking…which often leads to disagreements and arguments.

Its not hard to lose sight of whats most important during the holidays because of the “Hallmark” marketing we see everywhere around us in media and culture.  But when you take a step back from it all and appreciate the blessings you receive everyday….you open yourself up to a vibration of gratitude…..leading to the opening of a channel of grace filled with love and messages that will support you.

Guidance is everywhere around each of us and is always available whenever we need it.  Its up to us to pay attention and to be open to receiving the guidance.  Whether its something someone says that has a deeper message for us, or random street signs, songs, or words in a book we notice in passing…..there are always messages coming to us that will help us along the way.

Often we forget to pay attention to the messages and don’t absorb them….without realizing it we take these messages for granted and close ourselves off from them.  This usually happens because we are so preoccupied with so many things….overstimulated by responsibilities, technologies, stress, and overthinking.

Downshifting the active mind by starting and ending each day by giving thanks for even the littlest things in life puts you in a state of receiving.  Giving thanks is an acknowledging vibration that elevates you to a place where you are more open to receiving more blessings.

In addition to giving thanks each day…..consider being more open to the messages around you….it could be an animal or something in nature that sparks a thought…..or as I mentioned before….signs, words, songs, or even something you hear someone say in passing….pay attention!  Set the intention as you begin your day to be more open to the messages and you will elevate your receptivity to them.

The more you are generally appreciative on a daily basis….the more conscious and aware you are of the messages around you….and in turn….the more connected you are to your intuition and the blessings the universe has to offer you.

Look around you right now…..what’s jumping out at you?  What messages do you see and feel?  The universe is communicating with you….receive and give thanks!  Make an effort to pay attention and give thanks on a regular basis.  Then watch your world begin to fill with blessings and gifts that are beyond your wildest dreams!

Tune Back In By Clearing Out the Clutter

dlrSometimes I will find myself in a funk where I am not thinking clearly….I am easily distracted….I try tapping into my intuition and begin some work or a project….and….nothing.  I will ask….what gives?   Why am I blocked right now and why can’t I focus!?!  Then I take a deep breath…and I consider my surroundings.

This is the time of year when I love to do a purge around the home and in my workspace.  I have learned through trial and error that clutter and excess stuff that has built up in the corners, in my closets, on shelves, tabletops, window sills, you name it… gets in my way, blocking fresh energy from flowing in….and old stale energy from flowing out.

I follow the motto…when in doubt throw it out.  If I need to keep something, I put it in a better place that is not distracting or not contributing to a pile.  I am not a neat freak, nor do I need everything to be perfect.  But I do know from my own experience and from working with people that the clutter does create blocks regarding intuition, thinking clearly, the flow of energy, and just overall feeling good.

KTDSurvey your home, your office, your car….wherever you spend time…..and clean out the clutter!  Look in your cabinets and stuff behind closed doors….in your closets, inside drawers, your glove compartment, trunks, that clutter can energetically seep into your environment and cause blocks.   Stale energy often builds up in corners so pay close attention to them and clear them out.

As I sat in my office the other day, initially stumped as to why I felt so cloudy, uninspired, and out of touch with my intuition……I turned around to my credenza and opened it.  Aha!  A total mess…..books fell out….papers and all sorts of stuff I shoved in there to get it out of the way when someone was coming over.

Immediately I sat on the floor….jumped right in and went through it all….taking the books and placing them nicely on a bookshelf.  I threw out papers not needed and I filed those that are important.  I put those old candles to use and actually burned them rather than letting them sit there collecting dust.  When I finished it was like a huge exhale….I could breath again.

Speaking of candles…..burning candles will really help clear the energy of your space.  White candles especially will summon the sacred….the light and heat of the flame attracts what no longer serves and burns it away….while at the same time radiating new energy and a higher vibration in any room.

Burning incense is another way to clear a space of old stale energy and to call upon good energy.  There is a reason churches are filled with candles and incense… bring forth angels and all the blessings of a higher power….and to clear away all of the lower energies that are not welcome.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEven ringing a bell will freshen up the energy of a room….another trick used in old churches.  The vibration and high tone connects to Spirit and energetically lifts a room.

If you have raw crystals, try not to cluster them too close together in corners.  Each crystal has its own power and unique vibration and they need space for their energy to flow.  Its like piling a lot of people in an elevator and everyone getting claustrophobic…..if the crystals don’t have enough space between them….you will feel the tension emitting from them.  Small raw crystal should be allowed about 12 inches of space around…..larger ones deserve much more space.  If the crystals are polished, the energy is not as intense so you don’t need to worry about giving them as much space.

Also be mindful of any plants that are super spikey……sharp points and edges jutting out.  Those points can puncture the flow of good energy and cause disruptions.  These types of plants need good homes and its okay to have them….but try not to place them close to your bed or where you spend a lot of time…..keep them out of the bedroom and if they are in a living room…..keep them as far from where you sit as possible.

Consider what you can donate to charity…..decluttering will also present the opportunity to give and help others…..this will elevate your spirit….good karma circulating!

Lastly, open your windows and let fresh air to flow through no matter how warm or cold it is outside.   Open the shades and allow sunlight in even if its just for a few minutes.  Your surroundings need to breathe and need that new energy to break through the old!

Have you been trying to figure out why you can’t concentrate or why you are not in your usual flow?  Well then try clearing out the clutter….these steps will reinvigorate the energy of your surroundings and your own energy…..and you will feel tuned in again.

Feel free to keep me posted on your progress in decluttering your life this season!

The Write Way to Your Soul

SOMjnlA fantastic way to really open up to your intuition, to your team of guides, and to the essence of your soul is through writing.   People often talk about the importance of journaling….but I find that not very many people actually make a regular practice of it.

A long time ago, one of my teachers recommended Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way.   Its a workbook where you create habits to get into the flow of your creativity….its an amazing book that I highly recommend.  One of key points in the book is writing…….Julia refers to it as the Morning Pages.   She suggests as soon as you wake up in the morning, grab a journal and start writing…..write for 3 full pages.

You don’t have to write about anything…..just whatever flows through your mind.  If all you write is “I don’t know what to say” over and over….thats okay…..just as long as you write.  You can vent about something,  make a wish list for the day,  a list of everything you love….or don’t love……write about your dreams…..write about what you hope will happen that day… does not matter as long as you write.

When you write you open up a channel connected to your Higher Self…..and the place where your ideas, creativity, dreams, and desires live and wait for you to pull them through….a place deep within your soul.  This is also a place where your intuition offers information….as well as where your angels and guides will connect with you.  The more you write on a regular basis….the stronger you will connect with this place within you…..and the easier it will be for you to receive guidance from the higher realms.

You don’t have to write in the morning…..its amazing if you can as soon as you wake up because you are coming our of a dream state and its a great way to kick off your day.  But it can be really hard to do that if you share a bed with someone or have kids or animals to attend to first thing….or if you are always running late for work.  If you live alone…..try setting your alarm for a half hour earlier so you have time to write.

In my experience, as long as you can find the time to write for 3 pages in a journal at some point during the day its fine and will work.  Sometimes I get to it mid morning after I have taken care of a few things….but I’ve even done my journaling later in the day.

I’ve looked back at some of my journals and read about my hopes and dreams and am amazed at everything that came true and came through for me.  When you write down your thoughts and your dreams you ground them in reality…..its like you are materializing them on the earth plane…..seeds that are planted and the more you continue to write…..its like you are watering those seeds.

Amazing things will happen when you get in the habit of writing.  It does not have to be a poem, a story, or a masterpiece of any sort.  You don’t have to be a ‘writer.’   Again….you can write about nothing for 3 pages…..its just the energetic process of writing that will really opening you up…..clearing a channel for a river from your soul to flow out into the world.

Make it special and buy a nice journal…..or even just start out with a spiral notebook or a few pieces of paper.   At least try it out and allow yourself a few weeks to a month of doing it every day….in the morning or at some point during each day…..and see what magic you create.

Keep me posted in the comments or email me and let me know how it goes for you!

Peace is A Few Breaths Away

breathOften people tell me they cannot relax, they do not feel they receive any guidance on their own, they are stressed because of the demands of life and cannot think clearly or make good decisions.  A simple solution that will help a person get a grip is simply through breathing.

Yes….I know everyone is always breathing, otherwise they would not be alive.  But most people maintain a shallow breathing pattern…..never breathing deeply.  When a person is not breathing deeply, there is a limited amount of oxygen circulating throughout the body and to the brain….leading to stress and a lack of clarity.

Try taking a deep breath in through the nose counting to 4, holding the breath in for 2, and then exhaling through the mouth counting again to 4.  Repeat this 10 times and see what happens… might be surprised that you are suddenly relaxed and feeling more grounded.

This is a great exercise to try when you are looking for guidance, answers, and/or are trying to make a decision, and it will really help you open up to your intuition.   After repeating a controlled breathing pattern you allow yourself to relax and open up to receiving information that is for your highest good in that moment.

I know when my mind is racing with too many thoughts, I can follow this breathing exercise and will rid myself of the unnecessary chatter…..and then amazing ideas come to me that I never would have been able to process because my mind was in overdrive.

The power of breath is something that can be taken for granted…..but if you turn your attention to it… may experience its power in releasing the stuff that has weighed you down….freeing yourself and allowing you to be at peace again.

Let me know how this technique works for you….if it enhances your intuition….and what you discover.  I always love hearing about the other people’s experiences….we all learn from each other!!!

What Have You Asked Your Guides Lately?

whisperingPeople often do not realize they are not alone….that they have a team watching over and  protecting them.  Sure…we may have friends and family giving their two cents…..but each individual also has a team of angels and guides “on the other side” who are always surrounding us and are available if we need them.

It may sound crazy to some….but when you think about it….how often have you felt a sudden hunch or push to not do something and you later learn you avoided something that could have put you in harm’s way?  Or you suddenly felt the urge out of nowhere to move forward with something you otherwise never would have thought of doing….and you end of being so glad you did?

Your team of angels and guides will nudge you and make suggestions for your highest good….you do not have to listen….everyone has the freedom of choice.  But their guidance is always for our betterment and often they will sit back and wait for us to ask.

Many times I have been circling for a parking spot and I have asked my guides to help me find one and….. sure enough….bam….a spot is available in the perfect location.  I have also asked to be guided to the next great teacher or book I should read….and suddenly a flyer for a class will be at my feet….or I will be in a bookstore and a book will literally fall off the shelf right in front of me.

Angels and guides love helping but its important to ask for their assistance….if you ask you shall receive.  Once you receive its important to thank them!  Sometimes you may feel you are not getting an answer….it could be because it may not be the answer you hoped to receive and you are blocking out the truth.  Or else you have to read between the lines, sometimes the communication is subtle.

Often they will communicate by way of a song you hear in passing where the words ring true to your situation.  You may find yourself driving and the words on a billboard are the answer to your question.  It’s important to pay attention to the signs and to alway be open to receiving guidance.  The guidance is always there around you….its up to you to notice it!

Angels will also make their presence known when you encounter a feather….this has happened to me many times.  I have found myself at a loss, frustrated and not knowing what to do and then suddenly there is a feather next to me or on my shoulder….and I am in a location where there are no birds or no feather pillows or blankets that could have left one astray.   When I’ve noticed the feather I always laugh and lighten up…..I appreciate the acknowledgement and recognize that they are there to help me….I need to remember to ask them for help….and then listen to their guidance with all of my senses.

Finding a random coin is another way angels and guides make their presence known….as well clouds in the sky in the shape of angels.  Yes it may sound PUBLISHED by catsmob.comwacky….but its the truth and if you leave judgement aside and open up to the possibilities… will receive assistance and support whenever you need it.

What are your experiences with angels and guides?  Have you ever met one in a dream?  Has a feather or coin come to you in a very random way?  Have you looked up into the sky and saw something that made you think you are crazy but you know you weren’t just seeing things?

Share your stories in the comments……or if you’d rather keep them private feel free to email me!   If you cannot recall experiencing any of these types of things, you probably just were not paying close attention.  If this is all new information to you…..try asking your angels and guides to communicate and assist you…..then sit back….pay attention…. and receive their help….and don’t forget to give thanks!