Wednesday February 4, 2015

WedFeb4CardToday I decided to pick a card from the Ask Your Guides deck and the card I picked is Balance.  The message for today is… may be giving too much and not opening yourself up to receiving enough.

This may apply to any area of your life….friendships, at work, in romantic relationships, or with family.  If you are always offering to help others, listening to others and sending a lot of energy out…….there may be an imbalance.   This might manifest as feeling exhausted but also having a hard time sleeping…..tightness in the shoulders and back… upset stomach….a hard time staying mentally focused.

When you allow yourself to receive from others it creates an energetic alignment….often clearing up what’s been throwing you off.  If you feel like no one is offering you anything to receive….pay closer attention.  Many people are around you offering assistance……and its okay to accept it.  Just say yes….okay….thank you!

Also sometimes the greatest gift you can give someone is by allowing them to experiene giving by giving to you.   Exchanges of energy create balance and keeps every individual feeling centered and at their best.

Pay attention to your flow of energy and where you are at with the tipping scales…..whether you are giving too much…..or maybe receiving too much and need to put a little energy out there into circulation.

Who is offering you something that you can gladly accept today?

Monday February 2, 2015

MonFeb2CardToday I decided to pick a card from the Trust Your Vibes deck and the card I picked is Get a New Story.  The message for today is….if you feel like you cannot get out of a rut or things never seem to change….or you feel like you missed an opportunity…..understand that its never too late to begin and to change.

You can shake off the same old story that plays out in your life by making an effort to get a new story.   You can do that first by changing your thoughts and setting the attention that you are in the process a changing your story.  How would your story be different in order to make you happier?  What would be included in that story?  Where would you be?  Who would join you?

There is something you can do today that will switch things up.   Instead of your typical habits…..try doing something completely new.  Is there a book you know you should read that may have answers for you but you leave it over on a table and never seem to open it?  Take a time-out today and go pick it up and read a chapter….there may be some inspiration you’ve been craving.

Maybe you would love to go somewhere or do something but have not made the effort because others would be surprised you would do that.   Maybe the old you would care what others think….but how does the new you that is born today feel about it?  Why not just go do it!

Shake things up however you can….you do not have to be tied down to the persona you’ve always identified with…..your role does not have to be assigned to you or ingrained in stone.  The only thing standing in your way is your own thoughts….so start changing your thoughts.  Take it day to day…..start each day saying you are writing your new story….then take any action you can to play out a scene in that story.  Before you know it you will have not only a new story but an epic novel created by you and no one else.

What is one thing you can do today that you have always wanted to do but just have not done it yet?

Sunday February 1, 2015

SunFeb1CardToday I decided to pick a card from the Archangels deck and the card I picked is Crystal-Clear Intentions.  The message for today is to to really clarify what you desire….bring it to life….be clear about exactly what you want.

You may have vague ideas of what you think you want….but this is a reminder to bring those desires out of the clouds….they may be outlined….but its time to color them in and make them vibrant.

A great way to do this to to write down your desires and what you dream of….describe the scene….what you see….what you hear….what you feel when you are experiencing your desires.  Imagine a day in the life living with whatever it is you are desiring.

You can even do this in your head when you have a few moments… walking yourself through the dream you set out to achieve.  The point is to be very clear about exactly what you see and feel….to connect with it….to acknowledge it…..and to bring it into your immediate consciousness and awareness.

When you have it written down its something you can refer back to and its brought quickly to your awareness….and you can alway add to it or modify it. You could even draw or paint something out too….whatever you feel inclined to do.

The universe will deliver to you what you would like….and the clearer you are on what you intend the receive….the easier and quicker your desires will come to you.

Are you sharpening the details in the vision of what you are creating?

Saturday January 31, 2015

SatJan31CardToday I decided to pick a card from the Psychic Tarot for the Heart deck and the card I picked is Change Your Focus.  The message for today is to be aware of when your thoughts are directed toward criticism, frustration, doubt, and any thing that feels “negative.”   When you find yourself heading in that direction…..switch to more positive thoughts.

When you switch to a thought of something you love… stop the momentum of those negative thoughts that would otherwise build at set you at a vibration where you are attracting more anguish.  Redirecting your focus to positive thoughts will elevate your vibration so you are open to more thoughts and feelings of love and joy.

Its a simple step you can take whenever you are annoying or “going down that road”……put the breaks on it and zero in on happy thoughts.  The happy thoughts can really be anything…..sunset on a beach….the smile of a loved one….someone you admire….a song or artist that you adore.

Focus on those thoughts, images, and really soak it in…..feel it.  When you feel it to your core is when you really change your vibration and move yourself into a better alignment with all you desire.

What is the joy that you keep in your back pocket so its ready for your attention when you really need a shift?

Friday January 30, 2015

FriJan30CardToday I decided to pick a card from the Ascended Masters deck and the card I picked is Detach from Drama.  The message for today is to not get caught up in other people’s stuff or petty arguments.

People may turn to you with their problems…..its one thing to offer assistance or listen when someone  to talk…..but its another thing when they constantly dumping their problems on you and pulling you into their pit of drama without making an effort on their part to clear up their situation.

Create energetic boundaries with people… can imagine yourself in a bubble of light where no lower energies can permeate and only high vibrations of love and joy and come to you and from you.

If you find yourself walking into a situation where you are know there will be energetic vampires…..make a conscious effort to “bubble up” and have faith that nothing will drain you or pull you into stuff you do not need…..your bubble of light will keep it out of your experience.

You can also politely switch this subject if someone is trying to engage you in drama…..or……just relocate yourself and walk away.  There is no need to tolerate other people’s drama… does not help anyone to contribute to it….the best thing you can do is to detach.

Awareness is half the battle….if you see drama coming your way….put a stop to it.  Manage the situation to your best ability and make those lower vibrations talk to the hand!  The line can be drawn around you…..the welcome mat is there for the goodness…..the drama gets locked out at the gate!