What Have You Asked Your Guides Lately?

whisperingPeople often do not realize they are not alone….that they have a team watching over and  protecting them.  Sure…we may have friends and family giving their two cents…..but each individual also has a team of angels and guides “on the other side” who are always surrounding us and are available if we need them.

It may sound crazy to some….but when you think about it….how often have you felt a sudden hunch or push to not do something and you later learn you avoided something that could have put you in harm’s way?  Or you suddenly felt the urge out of nowhere to move forward with something you otherwise never would have thought of doing….and you end of being so glad you did?

Your team of angels and guides will nudge you and make suggestions for your highest good….you do not have to listen….everyone has the freedom of choice.  But their guidance is always for our betterment and often they will sit back and wait for us to ask.

Many times I have been circling for a parking spot and I have asked my guides to help me find one and….. sure enough….bam….a spot is available in the perfect location.  I have also asked to be guided to the next great teacher or book I should read….and suddenly a flyer for a class will be at my feet….or I will be in a bookstore and a book will literally fall off the shelf right in front of me.

Angels and guides love helping but its important to ask for their assistance….if you ask you shall receive.  Once you receive its important to thank them!  Sometimes you may feel you are not getting an answer….it could be because it may not be the answer you hoped to receive and you are blocking out the truth.  Or else you have to read between the lines, sometimes the communication is subtle.

Often they will communicate by way of a song you hear in passing where the words ring true to your situation.  You may find yourself driving and the words on a billboard are the answer to your question.  It’s important to pay attention to the signs and to alway be open to receiving guidance.  The guidance is always there around you….its up to you to notice it!

Angels will also make their presence known when you encounter a feather….this has happened to me many times.  I have found myself at a loss, frustrated and not knowing what to do and then suddenly there is a feather next to me or on my shoulder….and I am in a location where there are no birds or no feather pillows or blankets that could have left one astray.   When I’ve noticed the feather I always laugh and lighten up…..I appreciate the acknowledgement and recognize that they are there to help me….I need to remember to ask them for help….and then listen to their guidance with all of my senses.

Finding a random coin is another way angels and guides make their presence known….as well clouds in the sky in the shape of angels.  Yes it may sound PUBLISHED by catsmob.comwacky….but its the truth and if you leave judgement aside and open up to the possibilities…..you will receive assistance and support whenever you need it.

What are your experiences with angels and guides?  Have you ever met one in a dream?  Has a feather or coin come to you in a very random way?  Have you looked up into the sky and saw something that made you think you are crazy but you know you weren’t just seeing things?

Share your stories in the comments……or if you’d rather keep them private feel free to email me!   If you cannot recall experiencing any of these types of things, you probably just were not paying close attention.  If this is all new information to you…..try asking your angels and guides to communicate and assist you…..then sit back….pay attention…. and receive their help….and don’t forget to give thanks!

My Story

Its was an interesting exercise for me to look back at my “spiritual path”….upon reflection I was able to connect the mere glimmers of what would lead to the big picture of my life as it is today.

Michael&MichaelI come from a large Irish Catholic family, the youngest of 6….3 boys and 3 girls.  All of my siblings are much older than me….my mom was 46 when she had me…the oldest is 20 years older and the second youngest is 8 years older than me.  My siblings, in a sense, raised me and had a profound influence on my life.   I was named after Saint Michael the Archangel and my family introduced me to him as my guardian angel.  Prayer as well as all of the usual catholic rituals were ingrained within us….which at the time seemed second nature and was just something we did because we had to follow protocol.

We lived in a large old house and always talked about the ghosts we’d hear….my parents claiming it was nonsense….yet they also shared their own stories of hearing bumps in the night.  My oldest sister, Judy, was a flight attendant and her good friend and co-worker, Sonia Choquette, was a local psychic.  Judy always talked about her explorations with Sonia, “having the vibes”, mystical experiences…..and her own studies of Reiki, past life regression, Shirley MacLaine, as well as all things metaphysical she absorbed while hanging out at the local spiritual bookstore, Healing Earth Resources.  My other sisters shared the enthusiasm….getting into astrology and tarot…..while my brother was obsessed with UFOs and remote viewing.

All of this rubbed off on me and we regularly discussed these topics over dinner…..comparing our dreams, connections with the other side and deceased family members, as well as the energy we’d pick up within any given environment.  Still though, there was always a fear of really opening up to it all….which came from my parents since any pursuit of this knowledge challenged the catholic church (or so they thought).   I would direct my time and energy into my artwork….drawing and painting all the time….feeling at peace when I would be creating while listening to music.

By the time I entered high school I found myself drawn to the outdoors, healthy eating, connecting to the earth and crystals, all while diving deeper into my artwork.  I relied on Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization audio tapes to help me get through coping with the stress of college SAT exams…..and my sister, Kathy who was closest in age to me, gave me frequent tarot readings that helped me navigate my ever changing life at that age.  I was blown away by the accurate information that came through the cards and I felt pulled to work with them on my own.

My artwork lead to my acceptance into Syracuse University’s art program but once I arrived and saw that the training was focused on landing a job in New York advertising agencies…I freaked out.  All I wanted to do was draw, paint, and sculpt without being graded on it….my creativity was stifled.  I ended up transferring out of there after a year and followed my other passion, the outdoors, and moved to Boulder, Co where I graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies.

While in college,  I purchased my first deck of tarot cards but only occasionally used them…..I felt a call but I also did not feel ready.  I would have dreams where I would receive information that all made sense….I would travel to another place where I was basically told the meaning of life but I never remembered anything….all I knew was there was a bigger plan in place and our time on earth is only a brief stroke in a larger painting.

I was drawn to the past life regression work of Brian Weiss and the information within his books provided many pieces to the puzzle I had been coming to understand.  I remember purchasing a deep meditation CD that consisted of a simple hum vibration sound….but I was too afraid to listen to it because I worried it would open the flood gates and I was not ready to handle it.  I also purchased a set of John Edwards tapes that taught how to connect with guides and strengthen psychic abilities…..but again….I was too afraid of what might happen.  Instead I threw myself into fitness.  Now in hindsight, I feel that at that time I needed to ground myself, gain physical strength and, in turn, spiritual strength utilizing the healthy body as its temple.   It is through the body that energy comes and goes….and a weak temple was not going to house what I felt on deeper levels and what I knew was coming my way.

Ever since I can remember I could walk into a room and read it….and everywhere I went people would tell me their life stories and ask me for advice.   I never understood why people were always opening up to me…..talking to me out of nowhere…..and I always felt I knew what was going on with them…..what was under the surface….who they really where and what made them tick.  A friend of my would always joke, “…did you get their social security number?  You talked to them long enough….geez!”  I also felt a deep bond with animals throughout my life…..sensing their feelings and thoughts…..and able to calm and connect with even the most apprehensive and/or challenging ones.

After college I ended up working within the corporate world and all of the complexities that accompany it.  After interviewing for a big job, I gave the two prospective bosses I met with Laura Day’s book, Practical Intuition, as a thank you and follow up to my point that we all have the ability to be successful when we recognize and use our intuition.

Something never felt right for me within the corporate world though….I knew I was not connecting with my soul’s purpose and utilizing my best talents.    I continued to use my tarot cards and studied books on the subject while I longed for something more…. but I assumed it was too late pursue a deeper calling.  Even though I was exploring tarot…..I was still distracted from spirituality and all that embodies faith.

And then I faced a turning point a few years later in a different job – I learned from my boss that I would be laid off and I had 3 months left with the company.  I was shocked and devastated, I could not afford to lose my job and felt I would never find another one.  I had a weekend trip to visit my family planned and there was no point in canceling it.  When I arrived at my mom’s house my sister told me to go look on a table in a bedroom where there was a book by Sonia Choquette.  She said I should read it because it would really help me get through this challenging period.  I immediately picked it up and read all about connecting with guides and angels, asking them for help, being aware of their support, and tapping into my own intuition.  Right away I began to meditate, pray, and ask my guides for help….I figured….what do I have to lose!

A month after my boss told me I was losing my job, he came to town for some meetings.  We were driving when he turned to me and said, “So Michael…remember what I said to you about you losing your job?  Yea well….forget all that.  I was wrong…..you aren’t losing your job and, in fact, we are going to give you a bit of a raise!”   I was like…..”What?!  Huh?!”  I was totally shocked and could not believe what I was hearing……because I had been asking my guides and angels to help and low and behold…..my situation changed!  Immediately I thanked my guides and angels over and over (very important….they appreciate being appreciated!).

This was a game changer for me…..my perspective of everything changed as did my beliefs….or….maybe my beliefs did not change….rather….I was reminded of my beliefs and my true Self.  I felt an energetic shift within me…..it really felt like the clouds had parted and rays of sunlight broke through to shine upon me.  I knew I was not alone on this journey called life…..and it was the beginning of a new me and all the new possibilities that were to come.

I felt guided to learn as much as I could and asked my guides to direct me to the next book and appropriate teachers.  Before I knew it books were literally falling in front of me and I began to receive random emails about workshops and courses.  I could not learn fast enough and the more I studied and paid attention….the more I opened up and tapped into my own intuitive gifts.  Just as I had been working out over the years building muscle and getting into shape…..I began to build my intuitive muscles through practice, commitment, consistency, and repetition.   I trained with some of the best teachers and built my confidence to the point where I began to offer readings for others.

Once I began offering readings and fully opened up to my intuition and Spirit,  I realized why people always gravitated toward opening up to me over the years, why I sensed things, how to be aware of and put to use my weird ways of analyzing symbols, piecing together clues, and feeling the energy of anything and everything.  My gifts and purposes in life suddenly became very apparent and useful…..and I understood the bigger calling for me to help others overcome obstacles, better understand themselves, and tap into their own creativity.

Looking back I see many common threads that seemed so separate and lonely for many years.  But over time the universe weaved those threads together to create the tapestry that carries me forward like a magical flying carpet on my soul’s journey.  I have learned that patience is key and in time everything does come together to support us…..but its also important to ask for help, to ground and center one’s self along the way, to possess gratitude and count the blessings, and to always give and share….because the more you put other there….the more your life is filled joy!