Saturday Jan. 21, 2012

Today I picked a card from the Daily Guidance from Your Angels deck.  The card is Shower of Abundance.  I am tuning into the coins the angel is releasing and I am also tuning into the left hand on the card….her right hand and the hand of giving.  The fingertips are red and what I am hearing is that someone reading this has been wanting to help a specific person or people in their life but they are worried they will get burned.  I should note that the image on this card happens to be the primary image for the deck, it is on the back side of each card and the cover of the box.  When I laid this Abundance card down, there is another card below it…as you can see the same angel’s face on the card behind and it appears above the angel on the facing card.   I am seeing this as the Higher Self encouraging you or someone reading this to offer assistance….whether it be financial, your time, the magic that you possess…whether its merely your skill to support and listen….or even to heal and be there for someone.  There is worry that if you offer this assistance you are feeding a problem within that person…..that it will comeback to burn you in some way.  I am also picking up that people reading are feeling the call to help out and give in some way….I feel its financially related…..but they are worried it will put them in a bad financial situation themselves if they offer financial service.

The message to take way is to listen to your intuition and your Higher Self that is suggesting you help out that person in your life….a charity you are thinking of supporting….or whatever it might be.  You will not get burned….it will not set you back.  A law of the universe is the more you give the more you receive…..if you offer your assistance it will come back to your ten-fold!

Something to keep in mind though is that when you are giving you should not be doing it in hopes of of what you will get back.  Give from your heart and don’t expect anything in return…..the universe will take care of you and will take care of the situation.  When you have the good intention of helping others….you will be supported and things will work out.  It is also important to not worry… not worry if you will get burned or if things will not work out.  Worrying and obsessing about the negative is a form of meditating on it and can lead to manifesting that very thing in your life that you are trying to avoid.  Stay positive…..listen to your guidance….and give…..the more you give …..the more you will receive!

I will be back tomorrow with another card reading of the day…..have a great day today!