Welcome to Source Of Michael

Thanks for stopping by! I offer intuitive coaching and guidance to advise, assist, support, and enlighten. I help people navigate the path ahead, overcome obstacles, develop a healthy lifestyle, find balance, manifest their desires, and recognize their own greatness by revealing the best possibilities within their lives.

As an Intuitive Life Coach, I facilitate clarity and corresponding transformational action by applying the Universal Laws and the Law of Attraction.

My grounded, practical, and clear approach assists people with challenges related to life/soul purpose, career, relationships, & wellness.

Over the years, I have navigated throughout the mainstream corporate world and, along the way, have learned how to remain spiritually centered and grounded while connected to everyday life.

It IS possible to experience the best in all aspects of your life. I will help you to really connect with your dreams and desires....and to move from just thinking about them to really feeling them....and...in turn...manifesting them!

Contact Michael@SourceOfMichael.com to schedule a consultation.

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